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Scientific Plastic Pollution Alliance of Chile
National network of more than 80 scientists from all over Chile, specialists in plastics and their effects on ecosystems.

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Marine Biologist

Passionate about the sea. Researcher, scientific communicator and explorer.


Proffesor and Researcher

Research and collaborate on studies of emerging plastic contaminants.


Marine biologist

I study the ocean and its processes and vulnerabilities from marine biogeochemistry and microbial ecology.


Professor and ecotoxicology researcher 

She has collaborated in national and international researcher projects

comic Ivan Inojosa_edited_edited.jpg

Professor and Researcher Biodiversity and Sustainable Environments

Through scientific diving I observe ecological and evolutionary phenomena that lead me to generate hypotheses that I test with field and laboratory experiments.

comic M_edited.jpg

Engineer in Renewable Natural Resources.

Researcher associated with "Científicos de la Basura" 

comic Guillermo

Professor in Biology and Sciences

Main area of research is the ecology of seabirds, their role in the functioning of marine ecosystems

comic Claudia Ferná

Master in marine sciences, PhD in biology and applied ecology

Multidisciplinary researcher with interest in the biology, ecology and conservation of seabirds in Chile.

comic Carolina Aguirre_edited_edited.jpg

Marine biologist

Investigate plastic contamination trying to determine its origin in the aquaculture industry.

comic Camila Jacobsen_edited_edited.jpg

Engineer in energy and
Environmental Sustainability

Postgraduate student of the master's degree in innovation in bioceanics and bioengineering. Experience in environmental legislation, renewable and conventional energies. 


Researcher - Marine Biologist

Marine biologist on invertebrates and the ecology of marine communities. Director of the citizen science program "Científicos de la Basura"




Marine Chemist – Researcher

As a marine chemist my work is oriented to study the dynamics ans the interactions in the ocean.


Marine Biologist and PhD of Conservation Medicine

Researcher of the Guafo Science group


Biochemist and PhD of Biotechnology

Professor of microbiology and biochemistry. 


Scientific researcher in marine ecology. 

Undergraduate and Master's in Biology and PhD in Natural Sciences

comic Diamela D_edited.jpg

Collaborative Science Expert

 Relation between people and the coastal zone, particularly in the problem of marine litter

comic Mauricio Urbina_edited_edited.jpg

Professor of Comparative Animal Physiology

Current projects focus on the study of stress factors in different ecosystems.

comic Claudia Andrade-19_edited_edited.j

Professor specialized in Marine Ecology

PhD in Natural Sciences, Master of Science mention Management and Conservation of Sub-Antarctic Natural Resources and Bachelor of Biological Sciences

comic Cristobal Castillo_edited_edited.j

Marine Biologist and Researcher

He is currently doing a PhD in Oceanography investigating the microbial ability to degrade persistent pollutants through the addition of labile compounds.


Marine Biologist - Researcher

Marine Biologist with an interest in the conservation of coastal marine resources and ecosystems, science-environmental education, and the science-policy interface.

comic Victoria Gó

Environmental Chemist. PhD In Environmental Sciences and researcher.

Study of persistent organic compounds (POPs) and emerging compounds (ECs) such as microplastics on food chains.

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